About Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup is often referred to by other names, such as a cosmetic or makeup tattoo. The term which most accurately describes it, but is not often used is micropigmentation. By any name, it is a tattoo. It differs from a traditional body tattoo in the methods and techniques, as well as different tools, pigments and especially the fact that the facial skin structures are much more delicate.  Artists trained in Oklahoma are required to complete a 300-hour apprenticeship, homework, complete practical skills on live patients, state testing and must work out of a physician's office. Any artist working out of a salon or home, is not doing so legally. It is important to get your work done by someone who is properly trained, for the safest and best results.

For all procedures, we do a consultation prior to starting the procedure. This is when we determine shape and color, take photos, sign consents and go over post-procedure care. If you would like to schedule a consultation days prior to your appointment, it should be at least 48-hours ahead, as there is a scheduling and cancellation policy. Please read through the pricing and booking section. If you have a history of sensitivities or allergies, an allergy test is recommended; therefore, schedule your consultation at least a week prior to your permanent makeup procedure appointment.

For the brows, eyeliner and lips, the process is very similar. You will be numbed with topical anesthetic (not a shot) and the discomfort is very minimal, as the anesthetic is applied before and throughout the procedure. This procedure may take up to two visits to complete and touch-ups will be completed at the second appointment, approximately 4-6 weeks later. There is a healing process, so please read through the FAQ section and PRE-CARE and POST-CARE sections. You have a touch-up included in the price of the procedure, if done within 6-months. Touch-ups are usually recommended by 2-years. All supplies are disposable or covered by disposable dental barrier tape for your protection. Universal precautions will be followed.


If you have work done from a prior permanent makeup artist, that needs to be corrected, please let us know before scheduling, as you might need a referral to have it removed before moving on to the re-application. There is a healing process, so please read through the FAQ section and PRE-CARE and POST-CARE sections.  Certain medications or conditions may be a contraindication to micropigmentation, and we may need to obtain a "medical release form" from your physician before the actual procedure, so please read the FAQ before scheduling. When possible, please fill out and submit your health history forms online, where you will be directed to after scheduling online.