Services and Treatments Offered

Permanent Makeup

Would you like to wake up every day without worrying about the hassle of having to make sure your eyebrows are even or your eyeliner is perfectly applied? Wether you have hand mobility issues, eyesight problems or you're just tired of applying your makeup every day, having your makeup permanently applied might be the answer for you.


Tattoo Saline Lightening

Did you have microblading that you now regret or permanent makeup that has been re-tattooed over a period of years and suffered over-saturation? Are you feeling self-concsious because your brows, lips or eyeliner has shifted to a funky color? Often times, removal is the best solution to starting a correction process. Other times, you may only require a color correction. When clients come in requesting a touch-up, when original provider is no longer available, we are dealing with skin that has already been compromised. If you have previous permanent makeup, it is highly recommended to schedule a consultation beforehand.

Needling Services

Non-Laser Skin Irregularity Treatment-Skin Classic

Brow and Lash


Body Contouring