First of all, I want to say thank you for visiting my website! I hope that by browsing though these pages, you can get some insight on treatment options that you may be seeking and if they are a good fit for you. After hearing about your goals, we do a thorough analysis and consultation to make sure we can safely proceed. Through that, I'd like to earn your trust and confidence in me.

For those of you who don't already know me, my official state licenses say "Certified Medical Micropigmentation" and "Facialist", but I offer much more than what my title suggests. I believe what I offer are solutions that. I only offer services that I would feel comfortable using on myself and people I love.

I first decided to train in permanent makeup after I had my own experience and realized this is something I could see myself doing. I am artist at heart and I wanted to be "hands-on" in making in a difference in peoples lives.

My specialty treatments are permanent makeup (powder brows, combo brows, permanent eyeliner, lip color), scar correction and advanced skincare services like microneedling and microcurrent. I believe in a school of thought called corneotherapy, which aims to maintain and repair the skin's natural defense systems. It is possible to treat many conditions WITHOUT harsh treatments that aim to strip away, instead of nurture. I ONLY offer treatments that I truly believe in.

When I'm not in the office or working on my business I try to spend as much time with my family as possible and loving on all my pets. I'm also an active professional artist. I believe it is one of the best ways to maintain my large and fine motor skills and that REALLY comes in handy with the work I do! You may even see me out painting a window for a business or at an event or offering henna body art.
I believe in always improving my mindset, and doing my best to be 1% better every day! Above all, I live and work by the Golden Rule- "Treat others how you wish to be treated".