Rebecca has been an artist as long as she can remember and for many years been an active professional-level visual, commercial and temporary body artist. Her wide range of artistic skill sets, combined with an extreme attention to detail, make her uniquely qualified in this area to complete the service as only an artist could. She prides herself on artistry and permanent makeup is no exception. We won't leave your session until we are both satisfied with the results! After all, this is going to be on your face for a very long time, so you want an artist who is VERY NITPICKY, 

With a strong desire to be able to use her talents, and make meaningful connections with people, she knew she could combine the love of artistry and permanent makeup, to positively affect the way people feel about themselves. She knows this can truly have an effect on someone, as she is also a recipient of permanent makeup. She understands the questions and concerns that you will have and will do everything possible to make sure you are comfortable and well informed in the process.

If you want to schedule, but have questions, let me ease your worries by setting up a time for a 30-minute complimentary consultation. 

Rebecca is fully licensed in the state of Oklahoma, as a Certified Medical Micropigmentologist

She is currently trained to perform eyebrow, eyeliner and lip color procedures, as well as tattoo removal/lightening.


Oklahoma law requires a 300 hour apprenticeship, Competency is graded on safety and aseptic techniques, theory and application of micropigmentation, client consultation services, knowledge of facial anatomy, physiology and disease, color theory, professionalism and micropigmentation procedures on clients as well. State examination is also required.  She is also CPR certified and has her blood-borne pathogens certificate.

Choose an artist who took the time to learn the fundamentals and continues to be educated as this is not something you get because you got the "best deal". If you find you have to do some fixing because of a good deal you found, remember, she is also certified in natural saline removal!!!