Because Classic Beauty is Timeless

  • Contact lens wearers- You won't have to worry about the discomfort and irritation from shedding traditional makeup

  • Allergies- If you suffer from watery, itchy eyes from seasonal allergies or sensitivities to traditional makeup 

  • Visual Problems- Without proper depth perception, it can be very difficult to apply makeup, and sometimes dangerous

  • Motor Dysfunctions- If you have difficulty holding on to the makeup in order to apply it, caused by arthritis, stroke, etc.

  • Convenience- If you're a busy person and love how much time you'll save getting ready

  • Trauma- If you'd had a surgery or scar that has left the area needing restoration.

  • Sports- This is a great idea for those who want a fresh made-up appearance, in spite of sweating

  • Alopecia- If you have lost your eyelash or eyebrow hair, micropigmentation can give the appearance of having hair again

  • Enhancement- You're beautiful and you know it! You just want to feel your best at all times, even when waking up.